Hello Foodies!

In Dessert on July 23, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Easy and delicious

Fresh blueberries and lemons with a fresh lemon glaze

In a grand attempt at making a mark in the Universe I am starting a blog about food. I enjoy many different styles and types of food. I rarely bake as I am disabled (yes) and my hands just won’t allow much in the way of kneading and rolling. One may notice I like spice, rather, HEAT in my food. I don’t doubt the omission of this element will make much difference in the flavor. So all of you “Super Tasters” out there feel free to leave it out. I am not excited about the actual “log” part of this blog so bear with me. Grammar Nazis please go easy. College was a long time ago. I will do what I do best and that’s throwing down on the stove.


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